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Personalized coaching and tutoring to exceed your goals and begin your academic journey.

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Meet the Team

Our Founder

Jacqueline is a Columbia University Masters Graduate with a MSW degree.  She has taught in primary and high school education as well as Christian education.  Her focus is tutoring on Study Skills, organization, planning, Reading Comp, Interviewing, and College Prep admissions as well as Homework Help and SAT ACT Test Prep. 

Vice-President - Operations

Al - A graduate of West Point who majored in Systems Engineering and Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, German).  He has tutored for over 10 years in Elementary, Middle School, High School and College.  Al's focus is in SAT ACT Test prep, Spanish, English Grammar, Algebra, and Reading.  Also available via Wyzant at:


Check this page for our Group sessions on ACT, SAT Prep, College Admissions, and Homework Help!


SAT/ACT Prep Session

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Bridgewater, NJ

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SAT/ACT Prep Session

Join us for a Group session on ACT Prep.  Just in time for the June ACT Test.

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Bridgewater, NJ

Our Team


Our Background

Our tutors are Ivy League educated with mastery in their subject areas who have an understanding of how to motivate young minds while helping them with Homework challenges (Homework Help), SAT ACT Test prep, and college admissions.  


Our Expertise

Specializing in: 

- College Prep

- SAT ACT Test Prep

- Academic Tutoring - Homework Help

- Study Skills

- Organization

- Foreign Language (Spanish, French, ESL)

- Interviewing - College and Business

- ASVAB Prep spanish tutor


Personalized Lessons

We offer personalized one-on-one tutoring, coaching, and progress accountability.  

We also offer group prep and study sessions on the weekends for your convenience.  SAT ACT Test Prep, Homework Help, and college admissions counseling are all available. 

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Every student has unique educational needs. If you are looking for SAT ACT test prep, homework help tutoring, or college admissions counseling to achieve your goals, then Stafford Prep is for you.  

Stafford Prep - SAT/ACT and College Prep

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